Just Quit, So You Can Be Successful!

There are so many people in this world who don’t succeed because they have not yet learned how to quit. What does that mean and how does quitting lead you to success? Its actually fairly simple! We fill our time with thousands of useless activities, and each one of those activities use our willpower, time and other resources. In order to improve we don’t need to do more but instead we need to focus on doing less unproductive tasks and learn how to spend more time on that which will help us to achieve our goals.

What are you going to quit or say no to in order to make time for what really matters?

If you could only do one thing every day would you make any progress towards your real goals? Most of us have too many commitments which eat up our time and leave little strength left for us to read, learn, practice a new skill, or build a meaningful relationship. By simplifying we allow ourselves more time for the things that really matter. We need to be strong enough to say no to people or tasks in life that provide no value and instead fill up that time with personal growth.

The Ten Thousand Hour Rule

If it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill, then we need to make a lot more effort in order to develop ourselves. For example, if we only spent an hour each day practicing then it would take more than 27 years to master a new skill. If we reduced our commitments and put more time and effort towards practicing, we could reduce the time it takes substantially.

Hours Per Day Years
1 27.39726027
2 13.69863014
3 9.132420091
4 6.849315068
5 5.479452055
6 4.566210046
7 3.913894325
8 3.424657534



College and Work are both places where we spend our time and efforts trying to master a specific skill set. With your typical workweek of 40 hours you can achieve mastery of a new skill or trade within a few short years. College allows us to focus entirely on one field of study for multiple hours of lectures followed by hours of practice and assessment. However, it does not require mastery to be able to provide value with a new skill. Many of us learn the fastest when we make mistakes and then correct them. Don’t hold yourself to too high of a standard; instead allow yourself to experiment and learn more about yourself.

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