Page Load Times Can Kill Your Business – Improve Website Load Time

In a recent google search update, the importance of page speed was increased. Now sites that load slowly on both desktop or mobile will be penalized. Having a marketing firm can help you to optimize your site and improve your rankings. If you can improve website load times it will have an effect on your SEO and organic search traffic.

Recently we have been making a lot of changes to the site in order to get our page load times under a second. Its been a long journey with optimizations to our CSS, Javascript and HTML files. Additionally, we have made changes to image size and have removed other unnecessary elements from the site.

So far the results have been making a difference in improving the indexability of our content and helping us to rank better for important keywords. Without these improvements, you may have never found us or our content.

Improve Website Load Time

Rather than going through the frustrating process of optimizing your site team up with us to help identify and correct issues. Then we can help you to use best practices going forward to keep your site running smooth and fast.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss a proposal then contact us.

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